Our story

In the light of 2000 years of heritage...

TEOS, the city of Dionysus and the ancient Artists Union dating back more than 2000 years, has olive trees as old as its history.

Established in the narrowest part of the Urla peninsula, TEOS city continues its existence today under the name of ‘citta slow’ certified Seferihisar.

and now...


     Olive tree and olive oil have been symbols of health, life, peace and longevity in every period of history. The oldest olive trees in the world are still alive today in TEOS.

    It is exciting for us to produce with the ancient secrets of TEOS, which is deemed worthy of the ‘citta slow’ label for its lifestyle and incorporates the olive oil production culture that is more than 2000 years old, and to maintain a tradition.

     TEOS Olive Oil offers you olive oil squeezed from the finest and distinguished olives of Ionia with 2000 years old traditional methods.

      We are happy to present you the first class olive oil “with the historical name” from the city of Dionysos, TEOS, where art and culture met among olive trees hundreds of years ago.