Ionia & Olive Oil

    The olive tree, whose known history goes back 39 thousand years, is known and loved by almost all societies in the world. The address of the oldest known olive oil factory in the world is Klazomenai, one of the Ionian cities. The workshop, established during the ancient city times, is the first olive oil facility in Anatolia.

      Klazemenai is one of the 12 ancient Ionian cities, just like its neighbor TEOS, located within the borders of Urla, on the southern coastline of the Izmir Bay.

      The 12 independent coastal cities in the region were Phokai (Foça), Klazomenai, Erythrai, Teos, Kolophon, Lebedos, Ephesos (Ephesus), Priene, Myos and Miletos (Milet) as well as Chios (Chios) and Samos (Samos) island cities. These cities are 12 independent city states founded by the Achaeans who escaped from the Dorians.

      Ionians have produced belt decorated amphorae, which are their own storage containers for liquid products, and used them in the storage and transportation of wine and olive oil. Most of the amphorae found as a result of excavations in Ionia have letters and symbols on the neck or shoulders of the person/company producing olive oil or the person/company that makes the export. When looking at the storage amphora specific to Ionia, it is understood that Ionia reached an important position in the world of that day in olive oil production and foreign sales.