Non-standard use of magnetic USB cable.

The good old MGTF was used for the connection.

Non-standard use of magnetic USB cable.

It was decided to use the last option. Magnetic base with connector in the center. It was decided to use a connector from a similar cable as an UZB connector. In a couple of evenings, several 3D models were made and printed on a printer. Model What happened The connector from the monitored cable is located at the top of the bracket. Since the strength of the magnet is not enough to hold the recorder on bumps, it was decided to use two neodymium magnets 20x10x3 The first one is attached directly to the registrar and wires go through the internal channel in the case to the micro-Uzb connector for powering the registrar. The bracket consists of two parts. I present to your attention the real application of the magnetic cable with the use of ingenuity and DIY. I got the idea of ​​creation from DataCam registrars.
After buying the Xiaomi recorder, which has been repeatedly reviewed by many users, I encountered the problem of the inconvenience of constantly removing and installing the recorder in place. There have been many reviews of various magnetic cables, many disputes about whether they are good or bad. At the same time, I saw a review of the magnetic cable and the idea came by itself. Too many moves to make (for me) to attach and detach.

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