We support nature-friendly agriculture and production.

Our production policy covers the processes from the field to the shelf as a whole value chain. Our view focuses on respect to the soil, care for efficient use of water resources, using power derived from renewable energy production and recycling of the waste at the maximum level.

We are inspired by the fact that the oldest olive trees in the world still live in TEOS today; we act with environmentally friendly production technologies, energy efficiency and saving, recycling and water saving sensitivity.

As TEOS Olive Oil, we only adopt the cold pressing technique. During production, we never go above 27 °C.  Our olive oil pressed untouched by our unique pressing systems is filtered at the filter paper out of the separator and then are transferred to a stainless steel tank.  This way, any oxidation of the oil is prevented. Our olive oils are protected in a way that they will not fall below 12 °C and not exceed 27 °C during their storage.

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