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Our goal is to maintain our thousands of years old olive oil culture.

    The secret of the taste of TEOS Olive Oil lies in the skillful and delicate squeezing of all-natural olives. All these natural olives are brought together with the knowledge and experience of our masters and consultants and our olive oil with the ideal flavor balance is produced.

     We know that the most important factor underlying the passionate acceptance of TEOS Olive Oil products by consumers is the highest level of “quality management”. Procurement of olives with a constant quality level, which affects the whole structure of olive oil from taste to smell, fullness to aroma, is among the main elements of our sustainable success. Thus, we attach great importance to the cultivation of olives, our basic raw materials for the continuity of our quality.

     As ISO 9001-2008, ECOSERT, KOSCHER certified production is a must for TEOS Olive Oil, it works only with accredited test laboratories and prioritizes quality in production.

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