Who we are

The success of a company is a result of its effectiveness in its value chain. In addition to its own managed olive fields; TEOS Olive Oil supports a key component of its value chain: the olive farmers and the olive oil manufacturers that it partners with.

     TEOS Olive Oil is aware that the way to obtain quality products is attentive, qualified and world-class work at every stage, starting from the soil until filling the olive oil into the bottle. With this awareness, it opens its resources to its partners in its network so that the value chain can be developed and professionalized. It works with professionals in areas such as qualified agricultural practices, research and development activities, digitalization in production and use of clean energy and offers its resources to its stakeholders in the value chain.

      We can have a better life by valuing more!

       Just like the people of TEOS and IONIA, whom we named after; we are aware of the value and healing of olive oil. In these lands, adhering to a 2000-year-old tradition, but adding scientific developments to our value chain, we grow first-class olives, collect them carefully and bottle them in the ideal environment.

       TEOS Olive Oil is a boutique venture founded by engineers with goals to add value to the environment they are in, to be mindful to the consumption of water resources, to produce with respect to nature by using green energy.